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Is your family growing? If you find yourself quickly running out of space in your current home, but wish to avoid the hassle and expense of selling it to move to a bigger one, Pacific Coast Developers has a solution. Our home additions will give you that additional space you need to live comfortably, all while allowing you to stay in your existing home. And, with the expertise and personal attention from a residential expert at Pacific Coast Developers, you will be able to enjoy our home renovation service without too much disruption to your family’s day-to-day life, or too much money out of your budget.

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At Pacific Coast Developers, we take great pride in the work we do. When you choose us for your new remodeling task or room addition, you’ll benefit from our thorough, dedicated approach to home remodeling. We understand that your home is your largest investment, and our team will work to stretch your remodeling budget so that it goes as far as possible. We offer cost-effective home additions that are designed to maximize your property’s setup and layout.
Our room addition services join our long list of additional construction and remodeling services, which include:

Flooring – tile and wooden floors included
Doors installation
Window installations
Replacement doors
Plumbing services
New construction
Kitchen and bath remodeling

Many of these services are helpful in the room addition as well. Doors installation and window installation services, for example, ensure that we can add the necessary windows and doors to your room once it is finished, while our wood and tiled flooring services ensure a finished look complete with the flooring of your choice. We even offer bathroom remolding and kitchen remodeling should your new room addition require changes to these rooms, or should you choose to add a new kitchen or new bath to your space.

When it comes to Los Angeles remodeling companies, we stand apart because we offer a one-stop shop for your new remodeling, building and room renovation needs. If you are looking for home remodeling services in Los Angeles, our team of remodeling contractors in Los Angeles are here to serve.

Creative Solutions for Your Home Addition Needs

When you contact Pacific Coast Developers for your home construction and addition needs, you benefit from working with one of the most creative remodeling companies in Los Angeles. We will come up with creative solutions to your addition that will help you reach your goals quickly and affordably.

For example, one of the most cost effective ways to tackle the need for a room addition is through garage conversion. Since you already have a garage, our team will not need to build a new structure. Instead, we will use the existing structure to add on to your home with help from a remodeling contractor, and you can enjoy additional funds to apply to future projects, like a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project or the installation of wood floors in your main living areas.

Get Started on Your Room Addition Today with Our Team of Contractors in L.A.

With Pacific Coast Developers, you can increase your living space, improve the value of your property and make your home more effective and comfortable for your family. Call us today to get an estimate for your room addition needs.